Friday, April 3, 2009

Final Broadcast

I just got this email from SHC Brian Ratigan:

Hello all,

The premiere of my new show FINAL BROADCAST is tonight at 6pm on BrightHouse Networks Channel 04. This half-hour block features electronic music by The Electric Kidneys and the animation of Kris Daw, Jeremy Pate, and yours truly.

If you don't get BrightHouse, we will have videos online soon. Tell your friends and support independent animation!

FINAL BROADCAST :: EVERY Friday at 6pm on BrightHouse Networks Channel 04.


As Always,
brian ratigan


chrisfason said...

that teaser is super cool and very well done. we need to stay notified when this hits the interwebs, b/c cheap-- er, thrifty people like me don't have any type of satellite or cable.

Chris_Garrison said...

I, being less wise, DO have the cable. I dvr'd and later watched the first broadcast of the Final Broadcast. Here's my review:

Kooky stuff. A lot of visually cool, slowly shifting, weirdly cutting, cryptic images. For some people, that kind of trippy video work is enjoyably hypnotic. For me, it required some fast-forwarding in places. But I did enjoy some fleeting moments of actual, locally made, hand-drawn animation. I'm talking about the bit with the bleeding rectangles.

There were also the nice, cartoony interludes, with the Flashy, zombie-faced characters. But all they did was look up, so . . . I kind of wanted more from them.

The puppet animation of the 3-tentacled, bloody stomach was nice! (Is that what it was?)

The show as a whole reminded me of . . . Gosh, I wish I could remember the name of it. There was this crazy-long, extremely fast cut music video of sorts, that came out in the early 90's. It was like a half-hour long, and it kept cutting about 10 times a second or so. I think they were trying to induce seizures. It was some kind of hardcore house music or something like that. I think it was called EWN or EBT or something like that. Does anybody know what I'm talking about?

Anyway, I'll be VERY interested to see what the show has to offer in future episodes! Brian, I hope you'll consider cutting in some animation from your fellow SHC's.

Cheese Wiz said...

Dude! Id be very interested in how you went about getting a show on there. Do you just pay for a slot or what?

ratigan said...

Hello people,
FINAL BROADCAST is really just an outlet to showcase locally made animation. The first episode is the new projection set for The Electric Kidneys (Kris Daw, who did a lot of the animation--zombie dances, etc) and is really just to see what we can put on air. The show is every Friday @ 6pm on Bright House Channel 04, and will hopefully be OnDemand (#1040) very soon. A new episode each month.

@chrisfason: I'm building the website right now....I'm new at this, so it may take a few weeks...

@cheese wiz: You can apply to get a show screened on public access for no cost at all. I used to work there so I know the basic rules: It must be a specific length (28:30); ABSOLUTELY NO solicitation; etc.

@chris_garrison: IMPORTANT: I started this to show what locally made talent can do; i.e. SUBMISSIONS ARE TOTALLY WELCOME. Nothing with serious nudity/gore/language (as per PA standards); the next few shows will be shorts blocks (animation, music video, etc) but, as I am just starting, I will need content to fill each episode. Anyone interested?

& yes, the stop motion ending was a kidney. A triumphant one. Hooray.

I'll keep everyone posted on the progress. Thank you all for the feedback.