Wednesday, November 19, 2008

more duck comics

Here's the cover to the comic I just finished.. It's basically done, although I might have to come up with a few filler pages to pad it out since I've only got 20 pages of actual story. Maybe some ad parodies, or see if anyone wants to contribute 1-3 pages. Of course I'm only going to xerox a small number to give to friends and gerbils (there's a surprisingly large contingent of comic book readers among the gerbil population) so I don't know why anyone would contribute, but still.

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Chris_Garrison said...

This looks great! That cover is lovely. Perhaps you should extend invites to a few of your favorite SHC's, to see if anyone has a one- or two-page story to put in. Or you could put in several strip-style comics from different artists, and in that way be able to involve more people.

As for why they'd contribute, they could do it just so they can say, "I was published in Frankie Fowl Adventures!" Then they could cleverly avoid mentioning that it had a circulation of 12 people and 17 gerbils.