Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Our Heroes, #1 - Secret Pencils Edition

Our Heroes #1 - Secret Pencils Edition, is now in print.  Add this to your collection!

Issue #1 collects all of the Gila Riseth saga, from my weekly webcomic Our Heroes.

Detective Elke Decker struggles to run a startup superhero team out of her garage.  Follow the thrilling adventures of the Decker, Guise, SunBear, Chickadee, Black Sheep, and the Human Mallet.  In this issue: Fritter comes to earth and enlists the team in his fight against inter-dimentional crime boss, Master Gila -- and Gila's formidable robot, the Slorker.  Our Heroes battle against the Slorker, bicker amongst themselves, and attempt to outshine Uber Force.  (Recommended for all ages.)

You might have read this online already, but if you buy the print comic, you get
  • the wonderful TACTILE sensation of holding the comic in your HAND and turning the PAGES
  • the satisfaction that comes with the feeling of OWNERSHIP, and the ability to actually HAVE these comics among the precious THINGS that you have gathered throughout your life
  • the warm feeling that comes from ENCOURAGING an artist to keep MAKING stuff, not just for his own personal enjoyment, but for actual monetary RECOMPENSE
Only $14.99.  Order now!  (And while you're at it, you can still pick up Jakey the Jerk, Onion Puss, and Throbbing Love Stories.)

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Katharos Kickstarter

To raise funds for the printing of her comic, our fellow SHC Beverly Toole has set up a Kickstarter campaign for Katharos: the Shattered World.  Go there immediately and back the heck out of it!

Salty 'Ham Slam 13 - On Reflection

Our thirteenth official meet up was rockin' good.  We were at Kingdom Comics this time.  Thanks for hosting, Kingdom!

I'd gone waaay too long without scheduling a Salty 'Ham Slam.  Then, when Melissa Shultz-Jones and James Hill started talking about getting together to talk about tips and techniques, I said let's call it a Slam!

We had a big bunch: Tim Rocks, Ben FaucherEd Abernathy, Sam McDavid, James Hislope, Beverly Toole, and Christopher Davis.  And we welcomed first-timers Kevin Van Hyning, Andrew Willmore, Melissa Shultz-Jones, James Hill, Jason Shoemaker, and Peyton Knight.  And non-member guests Geoffrey Gwin, Lysa Shin, and Tobias Elmore.  And Peyton brought along his friend Caroline, dressed up as a stunning, green lipsticked Poison Ivy!  And there was me, Chris Garrison.

Am I leaving anybody out?

Far side, left to right: Lysa Shin, Andrew Willmore, Kevin Van Hyning, and Geoffrey Gwin.  Kevin is talking about the roadkill armadillo he had for breakfast, and you can see 
how uncomfortable it's making everyone.

Far side, left to right: Beverly Toole, James Hislope, Sam McDavid, James Hill
Tobias Elmore (standing), and Melissa Shultz-Jones.

Far side, left to right: Ed Abernathy, Tim Rocks, Ben Faucher, and Chris Davis.  
Near side, left to right: Andrew Willmore's skull, Lysa Shin, Melissa Shultz-Jones, and James Hill.

Unfortunately, I didn't get pictures of everyone.  I forgot to take a picture of myself, so just trust me when I say I looked phenomenal.

Everybody discussed their favorite pens, digital art-making, superhero movie-casting, complicated sexual positions, and all the other stuff cartoonists love to talk about.  And we also drew a few comic jams.

Skronk credits:
panel 1 by Chris Garrison; panel 2 by Kevin Van Hyning; panel 3 by Benjamin Faucher; panel 4 by Melissa Shultz-Jones; panel 5 by Chris Garrison; panel 6 by Chris Davis.

Earth's Core credits:
panel 1 by Chris Garrison; panel 2 by Beverly Toole; panel 3 by Chris Davis; panel 4 by Kevin Van Hyning; panel 5 by Tim Rocks.

Box of Hulk credits:
panel 1 by Chris Garrison; panel 2 by Andrew Willmore; panel 3 by Geoffrey Gwin; panel 4 by Tim Rocks; panel 5 by Ben Faucher; panel 6 by James Hill; panel 7 by Kevin Van Hyning; panel 8 by Andrew Willmore.

As usual, we snacked on Oreos and Chips, Ahoy! cookies.  Then, a masked gunman tried to rob the comic shop.  But Melissa Shultz-Jones and Beverly Toole quickly formed a superhero team called Faygo & Fanta (I'm not going to reveal their secret identities by telling you which is which).  Faygo & Fanta used their Super-Bubbly Fizz Powers to foil the heist in short order.  For those of you who missed it, you really should have been there!

All told, everybody had fun at the slam, and there was much mingling.  So join us, won't you, for the NEXT Salty 'Ham Slam! (as yet unscheduled)

Oh, and you can look back at previous slams, here: