Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Cartoony Street Art

This blog, Southern Guise, seems to be showing off a lot of fun street art, from right here in our neck of the woods.  Somebody please track these vandals (?) down and tell them to join the Salty 'Ham Cartooneestas!


I went down to the college campus with Ed Abernathy today, and we drew some caricatures.  To see all ten of mine and read my full report, check out THIS POST on my sketch blog.

Friday, August 26, 2011

Not Forgotten art show

Birmingham based non-profit organization Not Forgotten will be hosting an art show at the end of October, in an effort to raise funds to build an orphanage in a northeastern village of Peru.

Birmingham artists are invited to donate a piece of work for the show. If you donate, both you and your artwork will be showcased at their event. If sold, 100% of the proceeds will be given to Not Forgotten, and you will be sent a tax deductible receipt for your donation.

If you are interested in donating, please email Erica at birminghamartforacause[at] She will be thrilled to send you more specific information regarding the event, the organization, and their availability to pick-up your donation.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Salty 'Ham Slam 11

The eleventh edition of the Salty 'Ham Slam has been scheduled! The exact date, time, and location are a secret, reserved for our official members and close associates only. If you haven't yet received the details by email, contact me and I will send them forthwith: cgarrison[at]

More info HERE.

Zoo Laffs contests

Over at my webcomic, Zoo Laffs, I'm having a couple of silly contests, to go with this pinup.

There's a caption contest and a coloring contest. Enter now, while they're still open! You could win some goofy prizes.


I've long wanted to find a way to discover the good webcomics and weed out the dreck. And I've also been baffled as to how artists can hope to get their webcomics noticed, among the tons of webcomics that are out there now. Plus, I've wished I had an easy way to keep up with the webcomics I like, without having to keep a lot of bookmarks or get into the RSS whatever-the-heck people do. Well, I've recently discovered, and it seems like it might be a pretty good solution to ALL those problems. Check it out!

If indeed inkOUTBREAK is as nifty as it would appear, here are some comics from our fellow SHC's who should maybe consider promoting themselves there: Alien Gladiators, Blondie, Hero Happy Hour, Petey & the Pack, Small World, and Teddy Bear Trauma.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Birmingham Free Press Writes on SHC's

That scrappy rag, the Birmingham Free Press, is back on physical paper again, after several years of being available in an online format only. When you press a gob of silly putty against your computer screen, then carefully peel it off, you will NOT discover a reverse image on that pancake of flesh-toned, semi-solid gunk. But now that they're in print again, the Birmingham Free Press no longer has that problem.

Their recent edition, which can be found around Birmingham's Southside, features comics by our fellow SHC's Nolen Otts, Tim Rocks, and Stephen Smith. Stephen also contributes articles and illustrations.

And that's not all! The paper has a very nice article about the Salty 'Ham Cartooneestas, and makes flattering mentions of Marcus Lusk, Hal Jones, Frank Cummings, Tom Briscoe, Chris Fason, Sam McDavid, Chris Rosko, Don Stewart, Carolyn Wass, John Lytle Wilson, Mark Martin, Howard Cruse, and yours truly. Here's the article now (click to enlarge) --

New Cartooneesta Comics

Listen up, people! There are two self-published comic books out recently from our fellow Salty 'Ham Cartooneestas.

Mark Martin's "Gnatrat Lives!" -- available HERE . . . and . . .

Tim Rocks' Pete Moss -- available HERE
. . . where you can also read the first three pages for free.