Sunday, August 14, 2011

Birmingham Free Press Writes on SHC's

That scrappy rag, the Birmingham Free Press, is back on physical paper again, after several years of being available in an online format only. When you press a gob of silly putty against your computer screen, then carefully peel it off, you will NOT discover a reverse image on that pancake of flesh-toned, semi-solid gunk. But now that they're in print again, the Birmingham Free Press no longer has that problem.

Their recent edition, which can be found around Birmingham's Southside, features comics by our fellow SHC's Nolen Otts, Tim Rocks, and Stephen Smith. Stephen also contributes articles and illustrations.

And that's not all! The paper has a very nice article about the Salty 'Ham Cartooneestas, and makes flattering mentions of Marcus Lusk, Hal Jones, Frank Cummings, Tom Briscoe, Chris Fason, Sam McDavid, Chris Rosko, Don Stewart, Carolyn Wass, John Lytle Wilson, Mark Martin, Howard Cruse, and yours truly. Here's the article now (click to enlarge) --

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