Wednesday, August 24, 2011


I've long wanted to find a way to discover the good webcomics and weed out the dreck. And I've also been baffled as to how artists can hope to get their webcomics noticed, among the tons of webcomics that are out there now. Plus, I've wished I had an easy way to keep up with the webcomics I like, without having to keep a lot of bookmarks or get into the RSS whatever-the-heck people do. Well, I've recently discovered, and it seems like it might be a pretty good solution to ALL those problems. Check it out!

If indeed inkOUTBREAK is as nifty as it would appear, here are some comics from our fellow SHC's who should maybe consider promoting themselves there: Alien Gladiators, Blondie, Hero Happy Hour, Petey & the Pack, Small World, and Teddy Bear Trauma.

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