Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Frankie Fowl comic now online

Plans to make actual copies of this comic probably won't happen, but I did post the story online here: http://www.kpcinema.com/timrocks/frankie.html

The 20-page story is a very serious analysis of a duck couple and their relationship. It's the story of what happens when two ducks come into some money, and the scheming interior decorator who tries to separate them from it.


Chris_Garrison said...

Hey, this is great! I still think you should print the story in some way, but in lieu of that, at least we can read it here.

I thought you had some really fun characters and jokes in it. Too many favorite lines to list here. And an awful lot of funny drawings. And a kooky inking style, that held my interest. Everything I want in a comic book!

Regarding the way it's all on one page, going down: I like to click NEXT after each page. It gives me a feeling of going forward in a book, more similar to reading a real comic. Scrolling down through the whole comic, you lose that. And one page tends to almost bleed right into the next. So, you might think about putting it on a site like comicspace or drunkduck, or some other one of those type places. Or maybe you could set up your site to have a similar sort of navigation, where one clicks NEXT, NEXT, NEXT . . .

Criticisms: I think you should have showed a broad view of the outside of the crazy house! Of course, leaving it to our imaginations might be the way to have it be as crazy as possible in the reader's mind. But I want to know what you would have drawn! I feel jipped.

I like the SPIRIT of the ending, and the cynicism of the whole world you're creating. But personally, I feel like it's maybe too anticlimactic. Perhaps it's just the way you ended on Ratty. Possibly you should have changed the order at the end, first wrapping up Ratty's arc, then Blocko's, then Frankie and his wife's. I don't know, it's just a thought.

Tim Rocks said...

Thanks for the comments..
For some reason I usually prefer to scroll through comics when I'm reading on a computer screen. I did think about putting some little glyphs between each page to give it more of a page break, but I also just wanted to throw it up as quickly as possible.

There's a popular comic called Bodyworld

that uses a scrolling format, so that confirmed to me that other people besides me would read comics that way. But I'm also a little apathetic about it because I don't like reading comics on a screen anyway, so whatever format they're in is sort of a moot point to me.

You make good points though, I'll have to think about all of that.