Thursday, August 6, 2009



Chris_Garrison said...

Nincy! Tim, you so crazy.

When you parody popular characters, aren't you always supposed to throw in sex, drugs, and alcohol? You have bucked that trend. This gag could actually almost work in the real Nancy, couldn't it?

Fine work. How did you do the zip-a-tone style dots?

Tim Rocks said...

Well it's homage as much as parody.. There is a beer bottle in the third panel, but now that you mention its trendiness... hm. However the real Sluggo did live in run-down, seedy digs, so maybe Bushmiller would've included such props if it had been allowed by his editors.

For the zip-a-tone, I have a few TIFF files of dot patterns that I made once (I think by adjusting a Photoshop filter.) Then import that into scanned page file, side by side. Select all the white with magic wand. Alt-click on the dots with the Clone Stamp tool and then brush them onto the comic.