Thursday, November 12, 2009

Salty 'Ham Slam 5 - planning stage

Howdy, all you Bible Belt-based pencil pushers.

I've scheduled the next slam for Tuesday, December 8th. It's not at the J this time, but at B'ham's hip and snappy Highland Ave. Restaurant, Rojo! 7:30 pm until whenever. So mark your calendars now!

Cartooneestas can get supper or have some drinks there, if they like. My plan for this slam is that it's gonna be a great big comic jam night. More info HERE.

So far, at these get-togethers, we've welcomed the following talented cartooneestas: Christopher Davis, Brian Ratigan, Russell Quick, Shaun "The Weezel" Burnett, Chris Fason, Garth Potts, Stephen Smith, Hal Jones, Kirk Creel, Pat Snow, Tim Rocks, Ed Abernathy, Chris Rosko, Sam McDavid, Jamison Harper, Heath McPherson, James Hislope, Frank Cummings, Tim Spinosi, and me, Chris Garrison. And special guest Nolen Otts. And strange visitor Paul Godbey.

So if you'd like to meet any of them at the next Salty 'Ham Slam (or any other SHC members who we haven't seen yet), email them and invite them to attend on December 8th.

So who's coming?


fason is a dork. said...

crap! this'll be 3 in a row that i've missed. tuesday nights the wife works so i have the boy, plus tuesday nights are cub scout nights anyways. what are the odds of moving it to thursday, the 10th?

Chris_Garrison said...

Sorry, there's no moving it! I made it Tuesday so there'd only be a bunch of people there, instead of a s---load.

But in the future, I'll try to keep in mind that Tuesdays are bad for you.

Chris_Garrison said...

Just heard this from J'Mel:


Finally, a time and a place that works for me!

I'll be there with J'Bells on!

J'Mel R. Davidson

Chris_Garrison said...

Heath McPherson said he wanted to be there, but added the dreaded, "We'll see."

Chris_Garrison said...

I spoke with Tim Rocks yesterday, and he sounds up for it.

Chris_Garrison said...

Chris Rosko sez:

>> Yes. Libations & quesadillas for we 'Neestas! sounds goot!

So that's great, because if you just have Rosko and one other person, you're all set for a comic jam.

Chris_Garrison said...

Christopher Davis plans to be there in his salty-est.

Cheese Wiz said...

pip pip. I will also try to represent.