Saturday, March 13, 2010

Salty 'Ham Slam 7 - planning stage

The seventh edition of the Salty 'Ham Slam has been scheduled. The exact date, time, and location are a secret, reserved for our official members and close associates only. If you haven't yet received the details by email, contact me and I will send them forthwith: cgarrison[at]

*** Note: There's a new feature on the agenda: The Gauntlet. See below. ***

Bring your sketchbook or some paper, and make sure you have some blank pages to draw on, if you want to sit around drawing with the rest of us. Prior to the meeting, please try to take a little time to read about your fellow Salty 'Hams. Especially those who've come to previous slams, since they're the ones you're most likely to see this time. Follow the links at the bottom of this post to see who's showed up in the past.

We'll wear name tags and follow roughly this schedule:

1st hour - Schmooze Time. Bring your sketchbooks, recent drawings, favorite old pieces, etc., if you want to show off to your peers. Feel free to bring stuff you've brought before, because I'm sure not everyone got to see everything. We'll set all our stuff out on the table, and in the chairs around the wall, so we can all go around and gawk at it. You can tell your fellow SHC's how great they are, how much they suck, etc.

2nd hour - Issues Discussed, followed by Announcements and Presentations. If you feel we have an important issue to discuss, or if you have an announcement or presentation you'd like to make, let me know, and I'll put it on the agenda: cgarrison[at]

After that - The Gauntlet. This is your chance to get some tough, constructive criticism on your work. Bring a specific piece (a character design, comic strip, comic book page, or what have you) that you'd like to run through The Gauntlet. Your fellow SHC's will then pick it apart, pointing out any flaws and suggesting changes that might improve it. Illustrative sketches will be made, to demonstrate the relevant principles of cartooning. No meanness is allowed -- only honest, constructive criticism. This stuff might be hard to hear, but it's for your own good. And you can disregard it if you don't agree. Now -- are you tough enough to run . . . The Gauntlet?!

After that - Fun and Games. We'll do some various collaborative efforts, comic jams, draw in each other's sketchbooks, caricature each other, or whatever else we can come up with. Obviously there will be no pressure, for anyone who doesn't want to participate in one thing or another. If you have any suggestions for fun stuff, or want to help organize something, email me: cgarrison[at]

Snacks will be provided, in the form of cookies and sodas, and whatever you want to bring. If anybody wants to help me with this, please volunteer by emailing me: cgarrison[at]

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