Monday, June 7, 2010

Salty 'Ham Slam 8 - On Reflection

Our eighth official meet-up went well. We were at the J again. Chris Fason, Ed Abernathy, Richard Haigler, and Tim Rocks were there. And me, Chris Garrison. Plus three guys who came for the first time: Ben Faucher, Chris Adkins, and Max Folsom. Awesome!

Chris Adkins was as quiet as a church mouse. But we all know from his comics that he's thinking about sexual abuse, drug abuse, alcohol abuse, and various other abuses. So I commend him for keeping it to himself!

We discussed short-lived 80's TV show The Powers of Matthew Starr, and also Max's job at Treetop Family Adventure.

I meant to take pictures this time, but somehow failed to get around to it. Which is a shame, because by a strange coincidence, almost nobody wore a shirt, and all of our magnificent chests were glistening under the green fluorescents.

Lovable grouch Ed Abernathy told us all how much he hates Rod Serling -- one of the greatest TV writers of all time! But it turns out that Richard Haigler is one of the world's leading experts on Serling, so he and Ed got into a fistfight over it. Haw! You REALLY should have been there!

Anyway, Chris Adkins drew his trademark bear in my sketchbook:

As you may recall, this comic jam was begun way back in January, at Salty 'Ham Slam 6:

We decided to continue it this time, so here's page 2:

. . . and we got a start on page 3:

Pretty good, eh? Perhaps the ongoing adventures of Yu-Jen: Samurai Flea! will pick up again at the next slam.

Yu-Jen: Samurai Flea! credits:
Page 1 -- panel 1 by Chris Garrison; panel 2 by Tim Rocks; panel 3 by Frank Cummings; panel 4 by Beverly Toole; panel 5 by Walter Simon; panel 6 by Lorenzo Kirkpatrick.
Page 2 -- panel 1 by Chris Fason; panel 2 by Ben Faucher; panel 3 by Chris Garrison; panel 4 by Max Folsom; panel 5 by Chris Adkins.
Page 3 -- panel 1 by Chris Fason

We also knocked out three pages on a new Ptooey & Loogie story:

We could leave that as is, but I think it would also be fun to start it up again later and find out how things go with Loogie in 1982. And we could also answer the burning question, what's Ptooey knitting?

Window In Time credits:
Page 1 -- panel 1 by Chris Garrison; panels 2 & 3 by Richard Haigler; panel 4 by Chris Adkins.
Page 2-- panel 1 by Chris Fason; panel 2 by Tim Rocks.
Page 3 -- panel 1 by Chris Garrison; panel 2 by Max Folsom; panel 3 by Chris Adkins. (And then, since that seemed a good stopping point, I wrote The End on there.)

It's hard to remember for sure who drew what on all these things, so if I messed up on any of the credits, y'all please tell me.

All tolled, everybody enjoyed the slam, and much chortling was exchanged. So join us, won't you, for the NEXT Salty 'Ham Slam! (as yet unscheduled) (official members and invited guests only, please)

And you can look back at previous slams, here:


fason is a dork. said...

crap. i missed the fist fight.

Chris_Garrison said...

You were too busy watching the complete DVD box set of The Powers of Matthew Starr, which Ben brought.