Friday, March 11, 2011


Came across this article recently:

Comics Get Even More Mature

(AP) Jill Tyson
The comics industry has long tried to shake free of the kiddie-lit stigma, but a new Marvel Comics graphic novel promises to take that trend even further. Hulk's Way, featuring the popular green-skinned Goliath (made famous in a 1970's TV series and on the big screen in a pair of recent movie adaptations) will be an homage to Swann's Way by Marcel Proust, a volume from his classic novel In Search of Lost Time.

In the novel, "Swann's Way" refers to the character Swann's ability to navigate the treacherous waters between art and commerce. The graphic novel (a sort of long-form comic book considered more prestigious by fans) will detail the Hulk's delicate balancing act between enjoying his desert cave and warding off the attacks of a general at a nearby military base, said Marvel Comics Assistant Editor Cullen Matthews.

"The whole structure will be based on the [Proust] book," said Matthews. "There will be many details readers of Proust will recognize." For instance, Matthews said, the famous scene where Proust's narrator bites into a French pastry called a madeleine and recalls his childhood, will be mirrored by a scene where the Hulk's alter ego, Bruce Banner, bites into a Moon Pie while visiting the general's daughter and recalls the episode that gave him incredible powers.

But, unlike in the novel, Banner becomes enraged by the memory and cannot stop himself from changing into the Hulk, wrecking his girlfriend's kitchen and alarming her cat.

or maybe not..

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