Friday, July 22, 2011

Pete Moss

Finished that comic I've been working on. I'm trying to get it uploaded to Ka-blam/Indyplanet so it will be at least technically available, through their print-on-demand service. I wish though I could figure out some way to fund a print run on newsprint and get it distributed to small grocery and convenience stores (where comics rightly belong.)

It's maybe not such an ideal candidate for that though, since the story turned out slightly seedier than I realized it would, or intended it to. Not sure why that surprised me, since it was pretty much there in the concept.

Anyway here's the cover (the final version does have color, just posting this since I like b&w as well.) The "worksheet" is a filler page.


Chris_Garrison said...

Looks cool, Tim! But yeah, on seeing all those pills and the title, "By My Emu, Tonight," I tend to think this story may not quite qualify as kiddie fare.

Can't wait to read it!

Chris_Garrison said...

ANSWER: 7:01

Anonymous said...

I thought the title was fairly innocuous, no? Maybe it's open to interpretation. Are you reading it like he wants to have sex in some obscene bird style or something? lol

The pills, in the actual story, aren't abused at all, I promise! But I guess whenever one sees that trope of pills floating around a cover it usually means "addiction" and "dark, mature" stories--- probably goes back to the '50s or before, drug paraphernalia floating around on pulp magazine covers or movie posters. But you know, nowadays a large number of kids are on prescription drugs, for all sorts of things--- even cholesterol! Like tiny middle-aged men. So parents should learn to love it, I guess I'm saying. Yeah that's the ticket.. Just get over it! Or something.

I'm planning to order a single copy from Ka-blam to see how they do, so you're welcome to read that. One thing though is so far their system has concealed s&h costs from me, so I'm very curious to see how exorbitant it is to ship a single issue. I'm waiting for them to approve the files as print-ready.

Their POD cost seems very good to me though- $1.55 for color exterior (their ad on back) w/ 24pp b&w. Which I marked up to $2.99.

Chris_Garrison said...

I think "Be My ___ Tonight" definitely sounds suggestive, or at least romantic, no matter how you fill in the blank. And when you fill in the blank with Emu, it definitely sounds . . . deviant in some way. Especially when you consider that emus are actually known to fall in love with people sometimes, ha.

I'd love to read that copy you order . . . or if the shipping isn't something crazy, I'd be glad to order my own!

Anonymous said...

Okay.. I thought it might read as silly-romantic or something. I didn't really dwell on any potential "deviant" readings though I guess those always exist. I would really be disappointed if people looked at this cover and thought they were going to find x-rated emu action inside! I thought the cartoony drawing and (attempt at) humorous sounding title would just read as light humor.

I didn't know emus had any reputation for "falling in love with people sometimes".. I assume you mean they're like some kind of punchline for bestiality jokes the way sheep are? I really had no clue about that if so.

The shipping on mine was about $2 and change. (Seems like the USPS could ship one floppy for $1 somehow but oh well.) I can lend you my copy though.

Chris_Garrison said...

I think Be My Emu Tonight comes off as weirdly suggestive, on a silly level. I don't think it would really scare anybody away, except for moms of small children.

Read this, and especially the last paragraph: ... I think these birds are attracted to people just because they're two-legged. And maybe also because they have food or something. That's my theory. This seems to be a little-known fact, though, so I doubt it would occur to most people on reading your title.

Anonymous said...

"Fixation with their owners has been identified as one of the main reasons why much ostrich farming in Britain was a commercial failure."

That's **#$ing bizarre.