Thursday, September 8, 2011

Honk if you love Hate!

I just discovered Peter Bagge's 'Hate' comic a few days ago. How I've missed this comic for so long, I dunno. Maybe I drank too much NyQil back in the early 90's and just woke up last weekend. Maybe that'll explain it, but whatever. I really like this indie comic. The art isn't so awesome that it will make you go 'Holy Moses! I'm ca-ca-ca-crappin' my paaaaaants!!!' but it's a really unique, fun style that goes well with the " 90's, Seattle slacker " stories that grace it's pages. I love the flow of the comic and how the protagonists aren't really great people and how they're actually kinda crummy human beings, and  how you don't have this 'cheesy, fluffy Full House endings' to every story. The comics that I've read thus far, are essentially about sh*tty people with sh*tty lives who are kinda hopeless. Just like real life! Anyway, after reading a few issues, I realized this is how I've wanted to do an indie comic, but I just never knew it. So hopefully, my uber-ADD and giant lazy streak won't keep me from actually cranking out a decent short story like the ones you'd find in 'Hate' pretty soon.


Chris_Garrison said...

Yeah, more love for Hate. I discovered Bagge way back when, and I think his abandonment of elbows helped to free me and a ton of other cartoonists from the tyranny of ... elbows.

I've never read enough of it to get a full appreciation of his stories, though. Maybe if more Fantagraphics books were AVAILABLE FOR PURCHASE IN MY STATE!!, I'd give them more attention. (I'm lookin' at you, Kingdom Comics of Vestavia.)

Anonymous said...

I missed the series' heyday in the 90s too. When I did see it, I guess it didn't really grab me. Then finally, some time in the 00's when it was winding down, and had changed to color, I picked up an issue just because I'd heard so much raving and acclaim for it. But that issue at least didn't make me a convert. Kind of felt like I was coming in late to a long-running soap-opera. Maybe if I had found the earlier issues first it would be a different story.

Seems like I did see it in local shops occasionally though.. I think it was a relatively big seller among the indies..

Tim Rocks