Friday, December 30, 2011

Did anyone else hear about Invest Comics' One and Done contest?

Someone showed me a link and I gave it a shot, even though I knew I wouldn't get any kind of payment. I figured, Screw it! If it'll help the CBLDF and the comic community, I can waste some talent coming up with ideas to send in. Besides, I haven't done anything in months.

It just occurred to me about a week ago that I never heard back from them so I figured I'd take a look at who my competition was... lo and behold, turned out I had actually won! I was never notified by accident, though.

They haven't said when the book will be published yet, regardless, here's the strip they chose... not the one I would have went with, but the one I feel was the funniest.

Inflation by ~weezel365 on deviantART


Chris_Garrison said...

Ha! Funny because it's true. (although, if I may give a bit of critique -- it's very difficult to read and enjoy while trying to look past that giant purple logo!)

I didn't even know you had a deviantART page. I just added it to your SHC page. :)

WeezeL365 said...

Thanks man. It's just, y'know... I had to put my watermark on it because it hasn't been published yet.
I'll add to your critique and say that even I'm surprised they chose it because I think it's hard to read as well... I wanted to edit it because after I was done, I realized I did a crap job of lettering. But I don't have a lettering program on my computer, so, I just left it as is.

Sometimes trying to do all this junk by hand the old fashioned way doesn't pay off, but this is one example where it actually did.