Thursday, July 19, 2012

Comics a-Plenty

Several of our fellow SHC's have new comics ventures that are definitely worth a mention here.  Interestingly, I'd say they all fall into a genre I'll call funny-auto-bio.  I think there are a lot of arty-auto-bio comics in the world, but not a lot of FUNNY-auto-bio comics.  However, all of a sudden, here are several great funny-auto-bio comics, being produced by Salty 'Hams:

Howard Cruse just launched a new webcomic series called Howard Cruse's Occasional Comix.  It's awesome, just as you'd expect from Cruse.


James Hislope has begun drawing a strip which he regularly posts to Facebook.  It's called A Warehouse Life.  It's fantastic, and I can't believe how fast he turns it out.


Meanwhile, Mark Martin has TWO funny-auto-bio comics running on Facebook: Rowdy and When Mitchy Met Janet.  As usual, he makes brilliance look effortless.

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