Monday, October 8, 2012

Our Heroes begins

I've backburnered Zoo Laffs for the time being, to start a new weekly webcomic on Dumm Comics.  It's a PG-rated series about a superhero team.  Get ready for fun, adventure, and chortles, with ... Our Heroes!

I got a lot of help writing Our Heroes from my pal John Walker (who co-invented the Zoo Laffs universe with me).

I'm presenting the comics in pencil form for now, to enable me to put up more panels per week.  Maybe later, I'll ink and color it, or find some fellow artists who want to help pretty it up.  (hint hint, Salty 'Hams)

If you're a fan of Zoo Laffs, don't fret.  Although it's being set aside for now, I fully intend to do more Zoo Laffs stories in the future.  Especially continuing the adventures of Jakey & Sassafras, and Onion Puss & Holly.  But right now, here's a different thing for you!

To start reading the first Our Heroes story from the beginning, go to Gila Riseth - part 1.

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