Monday, March 4, 2013

Comics Distro Update

Derek Anderson just commented on the "Modest Proposal" post below (and posted a cool lizard drawing just below) so I thought I'd take the opportunity to update that idea.
First, here's Derek's comment:

This is an awesome idea. I don't really have any print comics but this concept makes me wanna create some. I've had this idea for little 6 page mini comics that you print on one sheet of 8.5x11 and fold up in to a cute little book. 

That sounds like something that could be very appealing to people, I hope you will use this as motivation to get it done. Maybe you could do 3, 5, or 7 of them, and put them in plastic wrappers or some kind of packet? That might support an exponentially higher price if people think of it as a little "package" rather than a bare pamphlet. And also they would be curious about them since they could not easily browse through them.

My update is not much, just that I did a little research on display options and found that there weren't any. None very appealing at least. I considered "clip strips" --- those plastic strips that chips hang from in convenience stores. But they have some cons I think so I'm not too keen to order any, and I can't find them locally. Most of the store fixture sellers have unattractive products at high prices, basically.

The conclusion I reached was that I might just keep on the lookout behind stores and see if they throw out any cardboard displays that can be re-purposed into comic book displays. I'd just paint over the printing if necessary and stick my own sign on there: "Peak Fun Comics." I could put your imprint on there as well, but it would be smaller and crudely printed.

Okay it would be fine, just kidding.

Anyway, if you want to help this effort, I guess the key point is, while doing your weekly dumpster diving, keep yr eyes peeled for old store displays that look viable as comic racks!!!


Cheese Wiz said...

tiny bags and boards=adorable. you could do 4 of them mini comics in one standard size bag and board too. its possible that with some decent cardboard we might could fashion custom shelves. But in bookstores and stuff, might they allow some space thats already there to be for the local comics? Do u guys already get ur stuff put up at either kingdom comics or legion comics on lorna? I can always keep an eye out for disused bookshelves from the public libraries.

TimR said...

Yes Stan at Kingdom Comics puts our stuff on the shelves alongside the other comics; I think he wants to create a special shelf for locals. I haven't been by the other comic shops.

To me it seems like a lot of work to make custom display shelves (though maybe there's some simple elegant way to do it if one knows how. )Plus I keep seeing these incredible displays being thrown out by a drugstore near me, although so far none that were quite right for comics. That would be great if you come across any library shelves that seem suitable.