Thursday, June 20, 2013

Past Medical History

Our fellow SHC Don Stewart has a new venture.  Here's a note from him:

Hello, Everyone -

Once upon a time, I wrote a book. 

Not a picture book. 

A book of stories – stories about a young man who worked hard to fulfill a dream, then left it behind to follow a different, more creative path.

When I walked out of the hospital (27 years ago, this month), I had no idea I was going to be a full-time artist. I thought I might teach, or write magazine articles, or get a job running a small business. Yes, I had finished two drawings, sold a few copies here and there, but not nearly enough to pay rent, much less keep up with my medical school payments. Art was a hobby, a warm, solitary retreat from five years of constant stress. It fit in nicely with my chief priority: Fishing, every day, until the river froze over. I'd had little formal training, and very little practice at it. That my art grew into a vocation, then into business that has lasted a quarter of a century is more of a surprise to me than anyone.

Where did they come from, these creative tendencies? How did they emerge so suddenly, powerful enough to move my lifelong dream of being a doctor so completely out of the picture? Perhaps I had been an artist all along, and just didn't know it.

Just as I once drew pictures in medical school, over the years I have been writing stories, too. Dim recollections of childhood, mostly, short paragraphs and outlines that have accumulated and grown in spare moments along the way. Before I knew it, these stories began to tell a larger tale, at the same time revealing the roots of my art – roots that tunnel as far back as I can remember.

Now these stories have been arranged in order, and trimmed to fit neatly into a single volume called Past Medical HistoryRead a sample story here:

The book will be published later this summer, with help from our friends, family, fans, and generous supporters. As we did six years ago with the DS Art Coffee Table Book, we are funding the process through advance orders – only this time we've teamed up with Indiegogo, an organization that lets us build a more professional marketing program, and manage the process with less chance of misplacing our customer's addresses and order details.

The end result is still the same: 
Once we reach our funding goal, we publish the book.

We're already one fifth of the way toward achieving our goal, which is amazing, since we only started the process a few days ago. We hope you will stop by our Indiegogo Campaign Page ( and watch our video, browse the list of bonus "perks", then consider joining us in our quest to make Past Medical History a part of our collective future.

If you would prefer to order the book directly from our web site, that option will become available at the end of July. Or send a reply to this e-mail, and we'll add you to the Book Order list, and catch up with you in August. Meanwhile, follow along with us on our Facebook page:  

Have a great summer!
- Don 

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