Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Kingdom Art Attack!

Kingdom Comics, in Vestavia, is having an event tomorrow, called Kingdom Art Attack.  Local cartoonists and comickers will be there throughout the day to sell comics, prints, take commissions, and do caricatures.  Some artists might arrive as early as 10am.

Then at 6pm, the artists will be challenged to create an original piece of art, based on a wacky, randomly-generated sentence.  They're allowed 90 minutes to work on it, and they can use any medium they like.  (Although probably not digital, because there aren't enough plugs to go 'round.)

Some of our fellow Salty 'Ham Cartooneestas will be rockin' it: Chris FasonChris GarrisonAndy GrayAlison Marceau, and Chris Rosko . . . as well as these talented non-joiners: Bryan Crowson, Patrick Giles, Geoffrey Gwin, James Hill, and Lysa Shin.

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