Friday, June 27, 2008

Recent Sketches

Hey, everybody. Here are some recent sketches I just scanned:

Click here to see a few more pages worth, or here to see all the stuff on my sketch blog. So long!


Mark Martin said...

Cool stuff - but the thing that keeps haunting me is WHERE'D YOU GET THAT ROCKIN' MILKMAN UNIFORM???

Chris_Garrison said...

I made it for Halloween one year. I ordered away for a blank white cap and created an extremely simple "MILK" sticker to put on it, and on my shirt. It also helped to carry around a small bottle of milk.

The only tough part was, the hat was a bit floppy when I got it, so I had to fit it with a loop of aluminum wire inside, to get that crisp look. And the stickers would periodically try to fall off. In a perfect world, I'd have had some actual embroidered patches or something. All in all, very easy costume. And you can act like you weren't trying to be cute and sexy, but that it just came out that way.