Saturday, June 28, 2008


Here's what is typically the first stage of work for me - the extremely rough doodle on whatever paper and pen are laying nearby. Now I'll work on it in photoshop. The main thing I want to do is push Batman's head WAY back, so it's three-quarters upside down and facing the upper left corner. Make Robin's arms a little longer, bla bla bla.

This is going to be an Everything post when it's finished. Probably a more finished painting than most other posts. Most other Everythings are quick and dirty, and I just paint right over the original sketch. But I'm tinkering with the idea of doing larger more finished paintings, and collecting them for a gallery show someday.


Chris_Garrison said...

This is great! I hope you'll post more stages of this piece as it progresses, so we can see more of the process behind an Everything.

The gallery show of Everythings sounds awesome, especially if by then you really have painted practically everything.

Tim Rocks said...

I'm always keen to see artist's sketches, that's pretty neat. Apparently a very bad month for Batman though..