Saturday, July 5, 2008

SHJ Roller Derby Header 2.0

Well, I got to looking back at my first roller derby-themed entry for the Salty 'Ham Jams Header Challenge, and had some thoughts about it. The girls seemed attractive, but boring. It was nice that they sort of had individual looks, but they weren't very scary or interesting. I thought, what if I made them all some kind of thuggish clones? And what if I gave them big ol' thighs? I tried this sketch:

I tried to sprinkle in some Crumb, some Bluto, some Olive Oyl, and maybe a little Maurice Sendak. I liked the sketch okay, so I redid the girls, and here's the new pencil version:

Eventually, I got around to inking it:

Maybe I can try to add some color in the middle of the week. But again, if anybody else wants to mess with it, feel free. Email me and I'll send you the high-res file to work from. I only ask that you emphasize the thighs, perhaps with big, sweaty, shiny highlights. Here's a color treatment Chris Fason did on my earlier draft.

Or I could send you the high-res file of the pencil, if you want to try inking it in a different style.

I think we'd better decide on an end date for the header challenge, and maybe that would put a fire under a couple more butts to submit. And mayhap somebody else will spearhead a new challenge or project or something soon. (?)


Mark Martin said...

I like 'em better too, these bottom-heavy clone babes. I do have one suggestion - the 2 on the left should look much madder, with snarling mouths and fierce revenge in their eyes. The one in the foreground is close, but the one behind her almost looks as if she is saying "hmmmm..."

Yeah, where the heck IS everybody? Too many irons in the fire, I suspect.

WeezeL365 said...

I agree that they look a lot better as pissed off aggressive clone-babes, but they're not as sexy as, say, the Tragic City Rollers.

Chris_Garrison said...

MM - Yeah, now I look at it, you're right. I could have made them more snarling mad. But I'll make this excuse: They're so used to brutality, that it's nothing to them. In their world, breaking legs is as mundane as passing the salt.