Thursday, July 10, 2008


I just got my order of pre-lined non-photo reproducible comic sheets from Joe Kubert's Art Store. Now I can start my next comic and hopefully make something that a publisher will like for a change.
I know they're just 2-ply bristol boards, but no one else sells pre-lined versions this size. If there were an easier (or cheaper) version than ordering from his store offline, I wish I knew about it.
I suppose once I get something drawn up, I'll scan it and put it on here.

Rock on, Keep Rockin'


Chris_Garrison said...

I'd save the money by just using a ruler and drawing the lines on there myself. Plus then you can make them whatever size you like . . . although, I guess if you're pitching them, it's nice to have them at the exact dimensions they're used to getting or whatever.

Chris_Garrison said...

And yeah, definitely post some stuff, when you get going!

fason is a dork. said...

i use cheap wal-mart georgia pacific cardstock to draw out panels and stuff then edit / layout everything in adobe indesign. mike oeming once said that it doesn't matter what materials you use, as long as you can get across what you're maeaning to. he also told me to stop using sharpies... hypocrite.

WeezeL365 said...

Ha ha! If I had Adobe Indesign, or for that matter, if my computer had ANY of the tech to make comics, believe me, I seriously would.
Sharpies FOREVER!