Tuesday, July 29, 2008

'secret sorcerer' pt.2

I might as well go ahead and post this tonight since it's done. Thank you Chris for setting this up..


Chris_Garrison said...

Awesome! Good job, Tim Rocks. My critique:

Her not knowing what they're for is great, because it suddenly turns her from the kind of person who buys tickets without telling someone to the kind of person who buys tickets without knowing what they're for. Insane.

The glasses out of nowhere and GRAB sound effect are exactly the kind of super-cartoony stuff I envisioned for these two nutjobs.

You went over the suggested 4 panel maximum, but I'm glad, because a) you completed the page, so if nobody else adds to the story, we have a complete comic; and b) it allowed you to include the classic falling-out-of-frame take.

Who will next take up the mantle, and where can the adventure possibly go from here?

Chris_Garrison said...

Perhaps the sexist comment in panel 8 will inspire Aine or Sarah to join in, such that they might exact some form of revenge.

Tim Rocks said...

Anything I might say would only incriminate me further... :)

Mark Martin said...

Great "chapter 2". So many jams wander off into nowheresville. It's great to see the chaaracters stay on subject and an actual punchline - BRA VOE!

Tim Rocks said...

Thank you.. good to hear. Can't wait to see what's next for lovely Loogie and her.. pet? boyfriend? :)