Monday, July 28, 2008

Salty 'Ham Comic Jam 001

I just invented these characters, and I'm donating them to the Salty 'Ham Jam cause. What I mean is, they're in the public domain, within our little club, so any Salty 'Ham Cartooneesta can use them for whatever. And now, without further ado, it is my great honor to introduce . . . Ptooey & Loogie!

Ptooey (pr. puh-TOO-ee)


I envision them thus: They're a couple who live together, but I'm not sure if they're married. They can have romantic tiffs, and also goofy adventures around the world or in outer space. Their world is very silly: Eyes and mouths are added to lots of normally inanimate objects, and characters are as likely to be talking animals as people. However, within that wacky world, a bit of drama can be touched on sometimes, with a serious subtext underlying the occasional gag.

But that's just my personal vision. Other artists who want to play with Ptooey & Loogie are free to treat them however they want.

Does anybody want to participate in a comic jam? I just drew a potential first installment:

I think it'd be good if folks did like 1-4 panels at a time. If you want to draw the next few panels, call dibs in the comments here. If you want to work on the part after the next person up, call "I got next." Just draw your panels on this same page. And I guess you should only call dibs if you think you can do your panels in the next few days, instead of the next few weeks.

I did my part in somewhat clean pencil. You can do your part like mine, or you can do yours in very rough pencil, or you can ink it, or even ink and color it, I reckon. You can draw the characters based on my models, or you can change up the style completely, if you want. I think it'd be good if we tried to keep it short and wacky - 2 or 3 pages, maybe? And hopefully someone will introduce the Secret Sorcerer, whoever/whatever that is. I drew my panels with a ruler, but you can be loose or wonky about it, if that's your preference. You can see, faintly, where I intend the bottom of page 1 to be, before we start page 2.

If you like the idea of a comic jam like this, but you're not wild about Ptooey and Loogie in "The Secret Sorcerer," then start your own comic jam! You could do some dark vampire manga or something.


Tim Rocks said...

Looks good! I'm tempted to draw a few panels for this, but unfortunately I am in the middle of some things right now.. Maybe in a few days I'll try to do something, but in the meantime I'm excited to see where it goes.

Chris_Garrison said...

Mark Martin sez he'll jump on soon, but not quite right now. Which leaves an opening for anybody wanting to get in and shape the direction of things before he or Tim do any work on it.

WeezeL365 said...

Very John Kricfalusi

Tim Rocks said...

Okay, I think I can fit this in.. even though I have no idea what I'm going to do yet. I'll try to work on it tonight and post tomorrow.

Chris_Garrison said...

Regarding Tim's plan -- Yay! Anyone wanting to follow him, just say so.