Monday, July 28, 2008

more ongoing votage?

All right, let's see here . . . by my count, the top contenders in the header challenge are

#1 - 10 second rock band sketch - 3 votes
#4 - jelly jars - 3 votes

What are we s'posta do now, have a run-off or something?


Mark Martin said...

Hold on... I'll get somebody to vote for the Roller Derby girls tomorrow...

Not a joke! Just hang on!

Chris_Garrison said...

I'm surprised nobody voted for the pink roller derby. Maybe it's just too garish for everybody, but to me it looks way more like an indoor, night-time, sporting event, with its day-glo colors, than the one I did with the green. That one looks more like its outdoors, in the middle of the afternoon.

Mark Martin said...

OK, here's the deal - I was gonna get my friend at work to vote for 6E - I don't know if that's legal, but anyway - she has been out for the last two days.

I say screw it. Leave the 10 second rock band there. It "IS" the header now. I mean really, how can you kick it out now, after it has worked so hard. Just look at it! How you gonna tell that li'l feller he's no longer wanted???