Friday, July 18, 2008

Time to Vote!

Here we go, y'all. Click on "Comment," at the bottom of this post, to cast your vote for the official Salty 'Ham Jam header image! These were drawn in response to Salty Challenge 001.

And let's say this: You're allowed to vote for yourself, but please don't, if you can help it. Because if everyone votes for themselves, we'll just have a tie or something. I'm already wondering if this is actually going to work. (The titles below are my own, and are subject to change if anyone objects.)

1 - Garrison's "Ham, Jam, Thank-You Ma'am"

2 - Mark Martin's "Squeal Like a Pig"

3 - Kirk Creel's "Pig on a Peg"

4 - Chris Fason's "It Has To Be Salty"

5 - Joe Attaway's "Ham 'n' Amp"

6 - Garrison/Fason's "Roller Derby Nightmare"

Anyone voting for the Roller Derby, please specify A - F (you can see the letters if you click on the pic). I guess we'll have to keep the voting open for a few days or a week or something.


Chris_Garrison said...

I want to go with Mark Martin's, but I think it's just too cringe inducing to look at on a daily basis. I better go with #3- Kirk Creel.

fason is a dork. said...

cringe, baby! i'm voting for martin's painful pork jam!
#2 FTW!!!

Mark Martin said...

I just attended my first actual roller derby last weekend! Now I know what a jammer is! Now I get it! I think #6 is the best and I think the lower left version of it is the easiest to look at on a regular basis.

BTW, now that I actually understand what's going on, I like roller derby!

Tim Rocks said...

I still like the original sketch, #1. Just seems appropriate to a casual blog like this IMO.

But since it doesn't seem to be catching on, I guess if I had to choose my second choice would be #6E.

Kirk Creel said...

I was not aware of what a jammer was either. I was kind rocking between 4 and 6-e but I think the inference tipped the scale. They're all good so I now end the pain and select 6-e as my vote.

Heath said...

I agree with Tim. I still like the #1, just because of how simple it is.

But I would still like to see the lil' Ham guy from the gallery page as a header character for this blog too. It would instantly connect both pages. And I just flat out like this drawing still the best. It has a classic feel that would transcend time and I think would represent this movement well.

Thunk said...

I'm thinkin' number 4... it has just the right amount of disturbing after-thought packed into a nice clean jar..

mmmmmm...chunky goodness...


WeezeL365 said...


Aine said...

Me likee #4.