Thursday, July 31, 2008

2 More Things

Here's an alligator I drew for a company that will put up a cell tower at your lake house. Apparently, they chomp down on the signal and never let go, or something to that effect:

This is for an ad for The King's Ranch and Hannah Homes. If you've got too much stuff, donate it to them, and they'll sell it at America's Thrift Stores:


Tim Rocks said...

Very professional looking. What do you ink with if I might ask? Lately I've had a hard time finding pens.. Alabama Art has half an aisle but somehow very few of them are just right.

Chris_Garrison said...

I still haven't figured out my favorite inking method. I'm not really good at it, but I manage to end up with it looking okay in the end, by cheating.

On stuff like these 2 pieces, I tend to use a Faber-Castell Pitt brush pen, at first. My lines waggle all over the place, and it looks like a mess. Then I use a Micron 01 to smooth them out. Then I use a white out pen I like, called the Pentel Presto! Jumbo Correction Pen. I cover up the major disasters, then go back with the Micron again to cover up the spots where there's too much white-out. It takes me forever.

Sometimes I ink with a brush or a croquil, or a Micron 08, or a Micron 03. I really need to learn to ink in Illustrator, but I can't get around to it. I learned once, but I didn't keep at it, so now I've basically forgotten how.

Tim Rocks said...

That does sound pretty painstaking. I usually don't modify lines as far as line-weight goes.. I do sometimes use white-out (or digital) to correct lines that are in completely the wrong place. But my results usually aren't as polished looking as what you posted.

Seems like I had the Pitt brush pen one time and it ran out of ink too quickly? Maybe not, I can't remember.

the prices on all that stuff are way out of line.. no pun intended.