Friday, August 1, 2008

something like this...

I'm just sayin!

See, take the little guys drawing as-is, but incorporate it more ergonomically into the page. Maybe a little hint of color to make the hams look more hammy, especially the medicine ball guy on the right.

Well, that's what I'd do if I were King! They have grown on me...

But I still like the jammers too.

Make an executive decision already! The suspense is KILLIN ME!

1 comment:

Chris_Garrison said...

Hey, that looks good! The purple oval makes the shortness of the cords make sense. I've been wanting to do a revised version of the rock band, where the medicine ball is a single slice of ham. Or a fried egg. I also want to do a new color pass on the roller derby, where I mostly use my palette, but incorporate some of the zazz of Fason's pink version.

I guess I'll try to make an executive decision soon. I'll have to call upon Chris Fason, as my co-executive, to help me out. It's hard being the decider!