Friday, August 8, 2008

The Secret Sorcerer - part 4

I just added 4 more panels:

Credits so far:
Page 1, panels 1 - 4 . . . Chris Garrison
Page 1, panels 5 - 9 . . . Tim Rocks
Page 2, panels 1 - 3 . . . Chris Fason
Page 2, panels 4 - 6 . . . Chris Garrison
Page 3, panel 1 . . . Chris Garrison

I suppose we could finish the story up by the end of page 3, depending on what Loogie gets herself into. I wonder -- Was she really planning this all along?

Trivia question: Who can correctly identify the magic trick being performed at the top of page 3?

Anybody wanting to take up the story from here, just say so in the comments below.


Chris_Garrison said...

Chris Davis has just signed on to do the next installment! 3 Chris's on one story may seem like a lot, but it's not, really. One in two people are actually named Chris, so . . .

Anybody wanting to add some stuff after him, call dibs here . . . assuming his part doesn't finish out the comic.

Tim Rocks said...

Wow, every panel sheds new light on the world of our little cartoon buddies. Mustachioed squirrels.. Silly airplanes.. What the baggage you travel in says about you.. This is currently my favorite comic being published!

Chris_Garrison said...

And how often is it that your favorite comic is open to contributions? Do some more panels after Chris Davis . . . or start a separate story with Ptooey and Loogie . . . or do some daily strip-style installments with them . . . or whatever else you can think of.