Tuesday, August 19, 2008

The Secret Sorcerer - part 5

Hey heyyy! Here's part 5 (last 3 panels of page 3), from Christopher Davis. He managed to get some work done on the comic jam, but must be too busy to actually post it or something, so he had me put it up.

Way to progress the story, Christopher! I knew he'd do a good job on this, because, as an experienced improv comic, Christopher knows how to say, "Yes, and . . . " (I've always heard that's the key.)

Anything can happen, now. Who will take it up from here? Comment below to call dibs.

Will the story be finished at the end of page 3, or will it take longer to play out? Will the next installment come down to the end of the page or not? Find out in the thrilling continuation of The Secret Sorcerer!

No one correctly answered my trivia question by identifying the magic trick at the top of page 3. It's the Indian Rope Trick, of course! The rope and the boy's limbs were strong clues, so I don't know why you missed it. It's too bad, really, because the jackpot would have been 58 BILLION dollars!!

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