Sunday, August 24, 2008

yo garrison!

I'm still here! Meaning "still among the living"... Sorry I have not been able to jump on that jam thing, still swamped etc bla bla bla.

I do have something to post. The halloween gag header doodles started to gel, and here are the next day's doodles. Out of this session the actual finished header grew, and you can see it in the - uh - whichever issue of Nick Mag comes out right before Halloween.

ALSO - shout out to my old pal Hal, who kept me company way into the weehours of the morning as we drew and drew and drew back in the "day".

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Chris_Garrison said...

Fun doodles! I like big nose guy at top, glasses girl in middle right, and the happy bat.

Regarding The Secret Sorcerer, it's languishing, but I'm sure someone will pick up the torch before long. I'll start bugging people about it again in a few days if there are no takers. This story must be told!