Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Sorry, I don't have a Ptooey or a Loogie

What I do got is my first of seven Muses of mine that I've finished coloring, Arousal.

They'll all start with "A's." It's a theme, kinda like the Endless. Y'know... seven of'em, all got their own personality, all their names start with the same letter. You can see the original picture of her here.

I friggin' hate the way all my damn art pixelates one I scan it and turn it into a jpg. But, it looks good now that I've colored it in the Paintshop Pro and once I get all six of her sisters done and put'em on a background, I think it'll look fine.

Rock on, Keep Rockin'

PS -- In the header... shouldn't that be bacon with the ham instead of an egg... since bacon is at least a pork product?

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Chris_Garrison said...

> I friggin' hate the way all my damn art pixelates

It might be in the scanning. You should scan it at a high resolution, like 300 dpi. And maybe there's a better setting. Like, if it's set on Black and White Line Art or something like that, it might come out better if you put it on Grayscale or something. I always use the Color Photo setting when I scan, and I click ColorSync Color Matching, even if it's just black and white line art. Because that way, it picks up all the subtleties, and I can decide myself on how to adjust the levels, how much subtlety I want to lose before it starts getting pixely.

> shouldn't that be bacon

Don't be silly -- Bacon can't play bass!