Sunday, August 31, 2008

amateur art

Chris, you were talking about the appeal of crude unfinished art a while back [here]. I came across this thread where there's an interesting discussion about it (after the initial boosterism):


Chris_Garrison said...

Yeah, interesting theories and interesting comments there . . . I think my take-away is that it's important to try and keep a certain amount of that "tossed off" or "straight from the hip" feeling . . . which I guess is what a lot of people call "flair." I think maybe "flair" helps lend one's work "heart."

Tim Rocks said...

I also found interesting the idea that you can keep evolving your interpretation of crudity, the way Gary Panter has.. It's not necessarily a rejection of artistic growth or personal improvement, it just doesn't go in the direction of commercial polish or refinement.