Friday, July 18, 2008

I got nothin'

Last night The World's Greatest Cook went to bed and I was about to turn off the TV and get some work done. But "The Fan" came on, and I started watching, and this is all I got done. This is how I write the "Gag Station" headers for Nick Mag. I just start doodling and something coherent eventually materializes. But after 2 hours this is all I got done for the yearly "Halloween" issue.

I'll try again over the weekend.



Chris_Garrison said...

I tampered with your post, turning "Gag Station" into a link.

Is an eyeball in a pool of goo allowed by Nick Mag? I like that, and I think the worm in a skull's eye, done up in full Pumpie wackitude, has great potential.

Kirk Creel said...

I like the witch on a broom followed by a dustpan. Maybe a vaccum, mop and a ruoomba and she could have a house cleaning service. "The Old Maids" maybe.

The sketches remind me of my meeting notes.