Monday, February 16, 2009

i'm alive!

holeeeeeeee crap, it's been way too long since i've posted. i'll admit to lurking and loving the work that's been posted but i must apologize for my absence. some co-captain i've turned out to be...

anyways, i've got a few irons in the fire. i'm working on a children's book w/ a friend as well as a couple other projects still in the beginning stages. towards the end of last year i did these:

i've got several story ideas to go along w/ this concept so i may move along further with it eventually.

i had mentioned imagicon a while back. the organizers gave me some pricing for tables, but frankly i didn't like it, especially for a first year con. however, imagicon contacted the great people at kingdom comics in vestavia and they in turn called me... so, i'll be sitting at the kingdom comics table doing sketches and hocking some old "hero happy hour" comics as well as sitting on a couple comics-related panels.

okay, enough self-pimpage. hope everyone is well.


Tim Rocks said...

Those look good. I don't completely follow some of what's happening, but maybe it's just flying over my head. I like the colors and the sort of atmosphere of it though.

Chris_Garrison said...

Nice! I like how, in that panel at the top, we can see that the beaver's tail is really wide at the base, instead of starting skinny and then spreading out. That's lovely.

And you can never go wrong with tassle pasties. We should have some kind of tassle pasty challenge.

Tim Rocks said...

That's what I get for reading quickly without really looking. I miss the tassle pasties.

Now explain the top two strips.. The pig doesn't want to eat pork, or he sees pork in the background?

Chris_Garrison said...

Yeah, in the first strip, he's shocked to hear about all the pork they serve. In the second strip, he's shocked to see some pork on the counter. I'm guessing this poor pig lives his whole life in a state of constant shock.

fason is a dork. said...

yeah, it's sort of a combination of the menu, the sight of pork, and the cleaver. i tried to accentuate that in the last panel of #2 w/ the shadow.