Saturday, February 28, 2009

What up?

Hey guys, Derek Anderson here. Haven't posted in a while and thought I'd share some art projects I've been engrossed in of late. As some may recall, a while back, Garrison mentioned the guys at University Graphics were looking for peeps to work on their illustrated maps of different cities and businesses. I called those bad boys up and said, "Gimme." what follows is a crude representation of DeSoto County, Mississippi. Thats right, the famous home of Bullfrog Corner Package Store. Beware of imitators, accept no substitutes.
So this is the full color version which you'll notice has a weird, too bright, green color on the background grass. I believe this is because I used a gradient that included colors that were in the CMYK spectrum but not "web safe". This probably needs
some fixing:

The next couple of things are from a comic my buddy in TX is writing called, "Someone Else's Problems" we hope to finish up issue 1 soon. It'll be put out by a small indie publisher called
NerdBoy Comics out of Texas:

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Chris_Garrison said...

Hey, congrats on your first map!

Have you seen it printed out yet? I tried to warn you about how hard it is to pick good greens. If you like, you can come look at my printed maps, and if you like any of the greens I've used, I'll tell you the pantone colors. I also have some pantone color-picker book thingies, which are very handy when trying to pick colors for print.

Cartoon maps are tricky. I think your map is very pleasant, and you'll only get better at it on any future endeavors. You should put this online at a higher resolution, the way I do with the ones on my map blog: So people can see and enjoy the details.

I'll bother you about this again here, though: Your balloons have no people in them! They're runaway balloons! That's crazy.

Also congrats on Someone Else's Problems. Looks nice. Let us know if you put any more of it up online, and when they publish it!