Wednesday, April 29, 2009

FCBD this Saturday!!!

I won't be around but be sure to hit up the local comics shops for Free Comic Book Day! Kingdom Comics in Vestavia always is great for throwing down on FCBD and I've heard that AstroBrain in Pelham may have local artists (give 'em a yell if you want to participate) and stuff. Oh, and FREE COMICS!!!

As for me, I'll be in Greensboro, NC doing free sketches and signing Hero Happy Hours as well as this that night:


So, if you're up to driving to Greensboro, a great time will be had!


Chris_Garrison said...

Cool. I may take Saturday and do a tour of Kingdom, Astrobrain, and Bob's.

Chris_Garrison said...

(Sunday - ) and the one in Cahaba Heights, I meant to say. But it's moot anyway, because I only found time to go to 2 - Astrobrain and Kingdom. At Astrobrain, I bought one comic, and they gave me 4 free ones (but they were willing to give me even more!) When I got to Kingdom, they were out of free comics, but they gave me a discount on the one I bought.