Wednesday, February 3, 2010

And Then There Were Five

. . . five Chris's in the Salty 'Ham Cartooneestas, that is. You're familiar with Chris Fason, Chris Rosko, Chris Davis, and me, Chris Garrison. Now meet the new one, Chris Adkins!


Tim Rocks said...

funny stuff.. The "torture" feature on the website was especially amusing, where the little bear shakes his head "no" as the visitor is presented a choice of lobotomizing him, shocking him, etc.

Strangely just in the past few days I had been considering doing some paintings (or something) with cute little bears. It brought to mind the bear in Ted Stearns' "Fuzz and Pluck" (a great comic), but then also those colored bears you see on Grateful Dead merchandise. (I'm not sure what they mean in that context---just randomly trippy imagery? Or maybe there's some specific reference there that I'm not aware of.)

Chris_Garrison said...

Re: Grateful Dead bears:
Once, I was looking at the back of an LP and saw, to my astonishment, those little bears. I was shocked because a) it wasn't a Grateful Dead album, and b) the album was from the late 50's or something, so the Dead weren't even a thing yet!

From this, I theorized that the record company might have just occasionally used those bears as little filler elements, and that after they used them on a Grateful Dead record, people started associating them with the Grateful Dead. I don't know if my theory is quite correct, but it would seem to explain their strange existence.