Thursday, February 25, 2010

Class Warrior

This is a custom t-shirt design I just made for a friend of mine based on an idea he had.


Cheese Wiz said...

sorry. that picture is a little large

Chris_Garrison said...

Nice class warrior! I'll say, though, that I think he could've been better with a more action-packed pose. And maybe including a few terrified students would be fun.

I just resized it for ya. I find a pleasant size for blog post images (on my screen, anyway) is 10.25" high at 72dpi.

By uploading stuff to blogger, instead of using photobucket or whatever, I can control the size that it comes out in the blog post.

Cheese Wiz said...

Word. I keep referring to "Action Cartooning" by Ben Caldwell. I'll be working on my fundamentals till the day I die