Thursday, July 22, 2010

Recent Roundup

What's up, y'all?

I've just gone and collected a bunch of beautiful, somewhat recently posted work from some of the blogs and deviantART pages of our fellow SHC's. (You guys should come and post stuff here more often yourselves, just to keep the blog alive.)

If anybody has posted something else that they wish I'd included, let me know.

I can't take the time to turn all these names into links. If you want to see more from any of these artists, find them on the alphabetical list HERE.

By the way, you can see Brian Ratigan's latest animation reel, HERE. And Garth Potts has added a lot more pieces to the caricature page of his portfolio site, HERE.

Now let's look at some art!

Howard Cruse

Heath McPherson

Heath McPherson

Heath McPherson


Mega Comics Group

Jason Shoemaker

Pat Snow

Pat Snow

Don Stewart

Corey Stockley

Andrew Willmore

Andrew Willmore

Andrew Willmore


Cheese Wiz said...

Dude! So many awesome local artists. Heath McPherson, what awesome planet were you sent here from as a baby? Love his style. If I make stuff, i usually put it here on the Jam as I don't really have an art blog. but I've been thinking of making one since seeing these roundups. i got a lot of maps I've done now. Love this Blog, Chris.

Chris_Garrison said...

I say you should at least have a map blog, like mine. People can sometimes stumble upon you that way, and you might get the occasional map job with somebody besides Charlie 'n' them.

I'm glad you love the Salty 'Ham Jam blog! I've recently learned we're averaging 40 views a day, though I don't know who those viewers are.