Thursday, August 23, 2012

Onion Puss, #1

Onion Puss is now in print.  Add this to your collection!

Issue #1 collects all the Onion Puss strips so far, from my weekly webcomic Zoo Laffs.

Onion Puss is the most wretched little fella you ever saw, and he has terrible luck with girls.  Fun adventures!  In this issue: Onion Puss goes on a wild ghost chase with the elusive Priscilla, the vivacious Holly, and the long dead Elizabeth. (recommended for ages 13 & up ... give or take)

You might have read this online already, but if you buy the print comic, you get
  • the wonderful TACTILE sensation of holding the comic in your HAND and turning the PAGES
  • the satisfaction that comes with the feeling of OWNERSHIP, and the ability to actually HAVE these comics among the precious THINGS that you have gathered throughout your life
  • the warm feeling that comes from ENCOURAGING an artist to keep MAKING stuff, not just for his own personal enjoyment, but for actual monetary RECOMPENSE
Only $2.99.  Order now!  (And while you're at it, you can still pick up Jakey the Jerk, #1, too.)

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