Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Salty Challenge 001

I hereby issue the first challenge on the Salty 'Ham Jam blog! Make a better header image than this one:

Post your entries here, and whichever one I judge to be the best will become the new header image. Note: It would be good to make your image 3 or 4 times wider than it is high, since it's a header. A handy size at 125 dpi would be 6 inches wide by 1-and-a-half to 2 inches high.

I drew this quick doodle of a ham rock band in a few seconds, just to have something up for now. The drummer is supposed to be a ham, sliced in two, like the singer, but his face is on his side instead of the meaty part. The bassist was supposed to be a ham that's not sliced, but he looks more like a melon or something. Let's just say he IS a melon, shall we?

It just occurred to me that the drummer should be counting off, not the singer, right? Oh well. That's why YOU need to post something better. The rock band is a good angle, I think, because it's a "Jam," but maybe there are some other fun ways to go with it, too.



Thunk said...

Hola kids!!
Joe here.. alrighty then.. I'll do a header cartoon for ya.. but it will take a minute or 2..

4UC - It's hot out.. that means every company on the northern hemisphere just ordered t-shirt designs.

Have you ever noticed that I'm always busy? Don't get me wrong, it's a blessing, but I always seem to have 20 fires to put out. It doesn't leave me much time for just plain ol' doodlin'.
Oh well, life could be worse.

I'll kick that particular creative can around this weekend over a glass of crown and ice.

Kudos on the site Chris!!

Ya'll take care now!


Chris_Garrison said...

Yes, having too much work is a problem lots of freelancers wish they had. But I'll be glad if you do find the time to pitch in.


jamison said...

better than that!! -- can't be done.

Kirk Creel said...

Actually, it is quite acceptable for the singer or anyone else to set cadence. So YOU SIR are CORRECT!