Friday, January 15, 2010

How much to Charge?

Hi Birmingham Cartooneeeestas, I have a few giftwrap designs to do for a Hong Kong manufacturer.
Please advise on how much YOU would charge, per design @ 15"x22".
All comments & advice is appreciated.
I can't decide on a standard price per design.

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Chris_Garrison said...

I have no idea, but here's one way to think of it:

Imagine you have a friend who's a full-time, year-'round, wrapping paper designer. And you love this person, and you want the best for them. Now ask yourself, what does that person deserve to make as a yearly salary? You could say, more than an elementary school teacher, but less than a garbage man. Or more than a housepainter, but less than a dentist. With some formula like that, plus a little research on what those people make, you could come up with a number for a yearly salary.

Then, from that, do the math. If the job will take a week, divide by 52. If it'll take a day, divide by (365 - weekends - vacations). That could give you a starting point, anyway. If the result seems too puny, raise it; if it seems like too much for the client, give them a break. But that's just my idea for one way to go about thinking it through.