Tuesday, January 19, 2010

TreeTop Family Adventure

Apparently a new family fun park will be opening this spring, in Chelsea. They're supposed to have go-karts, mini golf, mini bowling, "water wars," laser tag, a laser maze, an arcade, etc.

I wonder if they'll want to hire a caricaturist (or several?) for the place. If you're interested in the job, you might ought to contact them now. Looking at the web site, the only way I see to contact them so far is to send them an email by clicking on "group/corporate sales."

Their web site is pretty nice: TreeTop Family Adventure. It's in Flash, and it's got cute, animated birds and bunnies. Does anybody know who created the site? I wonder if they went out of state for this. It would be great if we could nab such jobs for Alabama cartoonists. Whoever put it together, my only critique would be: The white bunnies look kinda like bandits, and they look kinda high.


RichyParrish said...

Thanks for the comments on the site. That contact is the only way to reach us at this time. Feel free to send me a message and I would be happy to talk to you about the project.


Anonymous said...

The site does look good, but it's extremely small and very hard to read. It will not zoom in on your pc. Needs to be spread out or something. I really found it hard to read the script.