Sunday, November 14, 2010

Ghost Pokers!

Here's a bit of quasi-animated silliness that I made a while back but just uploaded to my youtubes account.


Chris_Garrison said...

Hey, great! Maybe next time, just a tad more lip sync would be good. But I definitely enjoy the fun comedy.

Here's a bit of radio-play-style comedy by my buddy John Walker, in the form of a podcast from ought seven, and co-starring myself as Ol' Pa ... which you might like:
Ultimately Futile

Is there really such a thing as Ellen's Gate in Vestavia Hills, Alabama? What's the story behind the story?

Chris_Garrison said...

By the way, that podcast is like 10 minutes long, and it has a couple songs by John in it, too. It goes back and forth between the bits and the music.

Cheese Wiz said...

its a real place in vestavia that i have always speculated about; projecting a sinister history on to it. one night me and some pals were there and we were shooting video and just made up a bunch of stuff on the spot. then i extracted the audio and used it here.