Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Super Art Fight

I've dabbled in Live Art a couple times back when Cave9 was still rocking and I have a cartoonist friend (Brandon J. Carr) in Virginia who's started "competing" with Today, he posted this on his Facebook. And it's got me to thinking that that would be really really fun to bring to the 'Ham. Do you guys think we could pull something like this off? Maybe not immediately, but I'm sure that we have enough members with enough connections that setting something like this up would be plausible. Check the links and share what you think.


Rosscott said...

Thanks for checking out our stuff! If you want to talk about the Super Art Fight experience and what it's like, let me know. I'm one of the people behind it.

Chris_Garrison said...

Hey, Fason. That's pretty interesting and inspiring. Looks fun, I think. I wish the the videos I found on youtube were better. I'd like to see it with clearer sound, tighter pictures of the artwork, and better coverage of the entire art fight, before I can really decide how much I like it.

We might have to figure out our own set of rules and stuff, if we tried to launch a similar event here.

I wonder if it would benefit from some kind of video projection of the drawings, because I can't imagine that the audience can really see the artists' work that well.

I reminds me of another cartooning/comedy/performance amalgam I've heard of, called the Tongue and Pencil. I'll make a separate post about that here soon.

Rosscott, thanks for stopping by! I hope you come back, read this comment, and weigh in again.

Cheese Wiz said...

count me in!