Monday, November 29, 2010

The Green Seed - "Crack Kills"

Hello people,
We recently completed a music video for the Birmingham hip hop group The Green Seed. They are excellent musicians in their own right and really enjoyed the video we made.
It contains pop culture references galore, so feel free to watch and repost!

Thanks for watching and support local music.

Brian Ratigan + Sugartooth


Chris_Garrison said...

Great job, Ratigan! Really cool how perfectly the images track with the screens, throughout all the movement.

They're not rapping about gangbangin' and ho's. I guess that means this qualifies as UNDERGROUND hip-hop, eh?

Cheese Wiz said...

awesome! I met greenseed and chatted with one of the dudes at a bottletree show. they rock.

ratigan said...

Indeed, they are a great group to work with. Feel free to pass it on!