Sunday, January 30, 2011

looking for portfolio hosting sites?

I set up an online portfolio recently at something called So far it seems pretty good, their free option has ads but they're fairly unobtrusive.

I was just getting sick of trying to figure out how to set up a gallery myself, using Javascript, so I decided to use their generic but decent template.

Right now it's just got a brief intro and some "yo mama" jokes I once illustrated. I recently colored them for purposes of this gallery:

Here's one:

Actually not sure how to caption this one.. Best I could do is "Yo mama so short-- she gets air just paying her bus fare!" But that sounds really awkward to me.

I would sort of like to sell them as greeting/insult cards if I could figure out how. Maybe some sort of print-on-demand thing. Or maybe I could print up a small number and take them to your weirder stores and see if they'd carry them.

Or go door to door...


Chris_Garrison said...

Looks nice, like it might also be pretty good for comics, because you can advance forward and back so easily.

Regarding your card idea, does Birmingham even have any of "your weirder stores"?

Anonymous said...

Good question. Few and far between I guess. I would imagine any independent stores that have kids/teenagers in their clientele, or perhaps some of the artsy crowd.

Maybe certain night-spots (bars, restaurants, clubs) would consider it on a little display rack, as a potential novelty to amuse their customers as they drink booze, etc.? I.e., they could look through the cards for fun (maybe one pack would be open for their soiled fingers, haha) and then buy a pack if they wanted. Or better, a sampling could be printed on the display itself, showing what's inside if you buy a sealed pack.


Chris_Garrison said...

You could try McNolia's.

Anonymous said...

Had to look that up, but I do know that place---just didn't know their name. Thanks for the tip.